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What clients are saying


"Nikki and her staff were so welcoming and knowledgeable. We knew after our first meeting (consult) that she was the one! This pregnancy was by far the easiest and fastest and I knew that Nikki was just a phone call away if I had any doubts, concerns, worries or questions. Her and her assistants were so kind and helped me so much along the way. On December 24, our baby was born at home! It was the most amazing experience we have ever had and if God blesses us with another baby we will definitely be calling Nikki again!" -A.R.

"Deciding to change from a hospital birth to a homebirth with Nikki is without a doubt the best decision I have made. The trust I had in Nikki was paramount to the smooth pregnancy, birth and post natal period I experienced. Pregnancy and birth is one of the most vulnerable times a woman goes through, and I wish that we could all have a Nikki to guide us through it. I looked forward to our weekly hour together and she was always available over text or phone for anything, which was especially helpful for a first time mum in the first six weeks. You are not just hiring a midwife when you choose Nikki, but gaining a friend." -M.P. 

"I am a DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) with years of experience in Healthcare and Academia. When my daughter told me she wanted to have her baby with a Midwife I was elated! We found Nikki through many contacts in the medical arena. She is highly regarded. Welcoming our grandbaby into the family was priceless. There are few words that can discribe to depth of love we felt going through this experience. SANM was our rock, a blessing from God who guided us through this journey. Nikki and staff were exceptionally professional, knowledgeable, quick to respond, and fully connected. Our whole family would highly recommend using this CNM for your healthcare needs." -K.R. 

“Nikki attended the home birth of my 4th child on February 20, 2014. Though labor was hard and lasted two days, it was a beautiful experience and I was surrounded by my loved ones in the comfort and peace of my own home! I can't speak highly enough about Nikki's skill, and her warm, cheerful personality! She's WONDERFUL!! Because she has 13 years of experience as a labor and delivery nurse in a hospital setting, she is very knowledgeable and competent to handle emergencies should any arise. She deftly administered an IV and an injection of pitocin for me in the comfort of my own living room and remained calm and encouraging even when my blood-loss after delivery was serious. I didn't realize until later that if I had chosen a certified midwife instead of Nikki (who is a certified NURSE midwife) I would have had to be rushed to hospital. I am SO thankful for her skill and attentiveness to me! Another thing that I loved about Nikki was that I could text her with concerns and she would respond to me within 30 mins even if it was on the weekend :) Her care for me was so personal... the prenatal appointments were never rushed and it felt as though they were just fun visits with a girlfriend. Nikki is easygoing, has a sense of humor, and she always brings a bit of sunshine with her presence!” -J.M.