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Services provided

Annual/Well Person Exams


Certified Nurse Midwives provide healthcare throughout ALL life stages, not just during pregnancy and birth.

Available services include:   

-Full Physical with breast exam
-PAP smear
-Sexually Transmitted Infection treatment for you and your partner
-Pelvic exam
-Lab work
-Family planning counseling
-Referral for Diagnostic testing  
-Teen Education

I work collaboratively with an OB/GYN, and should any conditions require more specific attention, a referral can be easily made.

Prenatal Care


Receiving early and regular prenatal care is important. Initial visits can be scheduled as soon as you have a positive pregnancy test. Lasting about two hours, initial visits include a comprehensive health history review, complete physical exam with PAP and
prenatal lab work. 

San Antonio Nurse Midwife follows the same schedule that most physicians follow during the prenatal period. After your initial visit, subsequent 45 minute to one hour visits will take place every four weeks until 28 weeks, every 2 weeks until 36 weeks and weekly after 36 weeks until birth. At each visit the following will be completed/assessed:

-Physical and emotional status
-Vital signs including blood pressure and pulse
-Urine checked
-Fundal Height
-Fetal Heart Tones and Position 

-Lab work as needed
-Prenatal Education 

As a partner on your birth journey, I strive to establish a personal relationship with you and your significant other. In order to facilitate this relationship, I encourage family member participation during prenatal visits and the birth. 

Birth, Postpartum and Newborn Care


I believe the miracle of birth is a normal natural process and every person has the  right to choose where and how they give birth. My goal is to assist you with your transition into new parenthood.

 Throughout the birth process you will receive labor support as needed, birthing person and fetal assessments will be completed, you will have freedom to move, eat and drink as you desire. Water birth can be accommodated while you enjoy the comfort of the warm water. Skin to skin bonding with your infant immediately after birth and breastfeeding/chestfeeding support without interruption is offered. Constant evaluation and observation of the birthing person and baby during the postpartum period for several hours is provided all the while allowing for family bonding. 


Postpartum visits are scheduled between 24-48 hours after the birth, an optional 5-7 day visit, a 2 week and 6 week visits. During this period I will be available for any questions or concerns you may have. Certified Nurse Midwives can care for newborns up to 28 days of age, with this being said, it is encouraged you arrange a primary care provider for your baby as soon as possible. Please contact San Antonio Nurse Midwife for more details and about formulating your specific plan of care